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OPAD philosophy on Climate Change, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, Gender Equality, Localization and Women, Youths Empowerment are not negotiable neither questionable as we want to see a total equitable equality free from human suffering with better climate condition. 

Climate Change

Climate change as a consequence of global warming is now with us, and the sooner we act the less damage will be done to our society, economy and environment, and to us. There are two extensive areas of change responsibility that all of us to embrace. These are through 1) Climate Change Mitigation, and 2) Climate Change Adaptation. Mitigation is about changing how we live, move, consume and manufacture so as to reduce and/or eliminate the production of harmful greenhouse gases: and it includes how we best use our land. We are putting our best efforts to minimize climate change mitigation.



Human Right

Human rights are strained in many places across the globe. Peaceful protests are brutally crushed. Voting is altered and minorities are often left out from decision-making. We raise our voice and help those who can’t help themselves.



Poverty Alleviation

One of the things that we have been fighting endlessly is poverty .OPAD Promotes and practices bottom-up approach in all its development interventions, which requires accurate information, data and facts on any given challenge that needs result oriented response. OPAD is one of the implementers of Beneficiaries Led Aid [BLA] in Poverty Alleviation Programs.



Gender Equality

About 70 percent of world’s population lives under the rock of gender equity. It is very common, especially in small towns and villages. Women have no rights over themselves and they are governed by their families. We are working to make things equal for them.




The organization strives for inclusivity of poor people in Community Engagement Strategies, enabling Localization



Women & Youths Empowerment

OPAD encourages youths as staffs and volunteers in order to build synergy among grassroots development partners and Collaborators. With the disappearance of the elders, oral heritage risks becoming lost, whereas it is fundamental that the younger generations have access to it


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