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Funded by the Erasmus + programme and is selected by the Erasmus + strategic partnerships vocational and adult education department of international cooperation, University and Higher Education council

Involves three partner countries : Romania, Sweden and Lithuian

Three partner countries :

Asociatia Aspiratii si Motivatii pentru Viitor

VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras

The Organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development

And a silence one

Project Steps

STRIPS has got three priorities, Two in the ADULT EDUCATION: Improving and extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual:

2. ADULT EDUCATION: Extending and developing educators' competences

and one HORIZONTAL: Achievement of relevant and high quality skills and competences

STRIPS is a project focused on two main topics:

migrants’ issues and EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy.

STRIPS team plans three transnational meetings:

1. The kick off meeting in Sweden – Nov 2017

2. The second meeting in Romania – May 2018;

3. The closing meeting in Lithuian – MAY 2019.

STRIPS Schedules three Multipler Events in January 2019, one in each partner’s country.


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