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We have lots of opportunities for people to volunteer in various communities in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin American and North America. At OPAD, volunteers are involved in operational projects with local organizations and communities.  Volunteering is a great way to keep yourself busy in helping humanity and making friends with global communities; improve your work experience by learning new skills that help position you for future employment. The OPAD volunteer team is working with volunteers across the global by linking them with other volunteers to share skills and ideas.


Call in and see us today or use the chat button to contact us, our receptionist will be happy to help you find the activity or service you want to involve in:


It brings us much pleasure to extend this special invitation to you and your family in joining us in our effort to eradicate poverty. It has been over 10 wonderful years being in international operation attending to needy family and individuals at local, national and international level Everyday due to a variety of factors including, Job loss, Migration, Poverty, Youth Violence, Discrimination, Democratic participation, Integration, human right abuses and climate changes related problems etc are creating extreme poverty which OPAD is at the forefront to fight against to restall free human suffering.  


While all of us are susceptible to hard times, immigrants are the most exposed persons to engulf with poverty, and they make up the 20% of vulnerable people we serve. OPAD is serving 60% of the rural poor needs around the world and 20% on emergency operation to help have a better world free from disasters that are caused by natural nature.


Would you like to help us make a difference? We need people like you to donate to our Mission.


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