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Elizabeth, New Jersey

Cultural and Festival

Cultural awareness is key to poverty alleviation, it help bridge the gap in the society we belong.

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Cultural and Festival
Cultural and Festival

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Time is TBD

Elizabeth, New Jersey

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Organization General Information:


The organization for Poverty Alleviation and Development (OPAD)

Current Mailing Address:

Odens väg 17. 14571, Norsborg.

Phone Number: +46700412714

Bankgiro Nr : 560-0424

Organization Contact Persons:


Name: Frank Kanu

Address: Storskriftvagen 178, 14560 Norsborg

Phone: 0700412714


Organization: Financial Officer:

Name: Quinta Sone

Address: C/O OPAD Odens väg 17. 14571, Norsborg

Phone: 0704156818 (fax/tel)


Organization�s Event Managers:

Name: Rahmat Ali

Address: C/O OPAD Odens väg 17. 14571, Norsborg

Phone: 0731443518


Event Information:

Name of Event: International Cultural Festival

Scheduled Date: July 22-23, 2016

Time of event: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm (5 hours)

Location: Hagelbyparken / Alby Centrum

Target Audience: Botkyrka citizen (estimated number of participants is 30,000)

Admission Charges: No admission to this event will be charged


Botkyrka is part of Greater Stockholm and is one of Sweden’s most international municipalities with people from about eighty different countries speaking more than hundred languages. Botkyrka is famous municipality for its diversity dimension with 60% of immigrants that helps make Botkyrka Municipality a vibrant cultural and intercultural forge.

The primary purpose of the International Cultural Festival is to create annual international cultural festival in Botkyrka kommun in order to attract tourists to Botkyrka during summer.

To give Botkyrka citizen the opportunity to connect with other cultures, especially the disadvantaged people who could not afford to travel to Asia, or Africa chances to learn and experience Asian art and culture in Botkyrka.

To increase the integration of new immigrant in Botkyrka society

To give small NGOs chances to exhibit in the Swedish public their work and activities.

Secondarily purpose is to bridge the existing cultural gap between cultures in Botkyrka commune. To educate children and youth informally about countries and cultures other than the Botkyrka commune and there geographic location, society, religion, culture, and tradition by inviting all cultural groups and multiethnic groups to this event. This is an excellent opportunity for Botkyrka citizen and multiethnic groups to promote their organizations and events to the rest of the community. It is our hope to create an opportunity for Botkyrka citizen to come together to celebrate and share their rich cultural heritages with everyone in Botkyrka commune.

The Program:

The International Cultural Festival will feature international artist from Pakistan and local groups from around Stockholm and Botkyrka. The showcase will include international and multiethnic booths, multimedia presentations, international and multiethnic dance and music performances, games, raffles, and samples of international cuisine. The event will provide entertainment as well as an educational experience for Botkyrka youth, children and adult.


The International Cultural Festival will be held in Hagelbyparken / Alby Centrum. each cultural group will be provided with a large outdoor booth, and any other utilities they would need. There will be a central booth for the organizer, which will serve as the central information station where visitor and participants can pick-up the festival programs, buttons, t-shirts, scavenger hunt questionnaires, and raffle registration cards. A central stage with a large screen will be set up behind the stage with a central projector system.


Each organization will be responsible for providing ethnic food from their particular region. The food can either be located at the Ball Room where tables will also be set up and labeled with the appropriate international flag or the multiethnic group.

Costumes and Artifacts:

The groups will be responsible for decorating their booth, incorporating artifacts, costumes, etc., from their particular country or ethnic background. Each booth will also have electricity, which can be used to display scenes or videos from each cultural group.

Scavenger Hunt:

The International Cultural Festival will feature a scavenger hunt where each participant (youth, adult and other visitors) will be responsible for completing a set of questions (located at the central booth) about the representative countries and multiethnic groups. Clues will be provided in each booth. All completed questionnaires will be entered in a raffle, which will take place at 3:30 pm.

1st prize - 1500.00 Kr / 2 winners

2nd prize – 750Kr gift certificate to Ikea Maxi / 3 winners

3rd prize - 500 Kr gift certificate to Ikea Maxi / 5 winners

Multimedia Presentations:

The International Cultural Festival will feature a central stage and multiethnic group will be invited to present a showcase event from their region or background (such as songs, dances, poetry, etc. on the central stage. The International Cultural Festivals Program will include a complete schedule of all the events that will take place. The multimedia presentation will also include a centralized screen and projector, which will show scenes from around the world in the spirit of the International Cultural Festival.

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